Beautifully Redeemed

A journey of forgiveness through Prayer & unconditional love


From the infancy of infatuation and butterflies to the ugliness of jealousy and pride; and finally to complete restoration - beautifully redeemed.

the Story

Beautifully Redeemed is a journey through the many stages of love. From the infancy of infatuation and butterflies to the ugliness of contempt, jealously, pride, and selfishness; and finally to restoration through prayer, forgiveness, humility, and selflessness to display the perfect power of unconditional love. 

Being married to the person whom I had  dreamed of, having the exact career I desired, and the envy of many - I had it made. Living the life that I was sure God had intended for me, Brian and I were the "it" couple. There was nothing in our way to stop us except the proper assessment of generational curses that plagued our views on men and women and the roles they carry within the home. These were things we were unable to address in pre-marital counseling in great detail. Brian and I were married just eight weeks after being engaged. 

We had no idea the damage we would cause to this union that was ordained by God. We thought we were much smarter and wiser than we actually were at that time. We thought we had the perfect ingredients for a perfect marriage. So then, we entered marriage pre-maturely. We weren't good custodians of this covenant, and we allowed our own insecurities, pride, and lust to destroy us to a point of slow return. 

Would I ever be able to forgive, completely? Would he ever be able to live outside the guilt and shame of it all? 

This book reveals the levels of redemption, God's unconditional love through forgiveness and prayer, and how to fight through the tough seasons of marriage.

Take this journey with me, as I attempt to express how anyone can be beautifully redeemed. 


Author & VOcalist

Shanka La-Verne Pettis


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This project is owned and copyrighted by Freedom Speaks Publishing, organized by Freedom Faith Life - a non-profit, faith based ministry based in Charlotte, NC.

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You are faced with the dreaded words that so many couples toss around lightly - I want a divorce? You are over a thousand miles away from your family, and your newborn baby is only eight months old. You have shelved dreams, aspirations, plans, and friendships for this marriage, and in one moment, it is all torn apart. That is truly all that it takes to ruin years of loyalty and commitment. One moment. 

This 170+ page book plus devotional by Shanka La-Verne Pettis takes you through the journey of heartbreak to complete restoration. If you or someone that you know is experiencing trauma in their marriage, this is the book for you. If you have survived the storm of infidelity, this book is for you. If you are single, and you wish to be married one day, this book is for you. You can purchase a paperback copy of "Beautifully Redeemed" below. 


What readers are saying

"I finished reading the book, and all I can say is, 'my God!' I literally could not put it down. The Holy Spirit was speaking to me at the turn of almost every page. God has turned your pain into something beautiful and has given me the ability to believe that my pain will be beautiful too!"

"The devotional is an even deeper experience [than the book]! Thank you, Shanka, for believing God and releasing healing to me through this book."

"I read and reread the devotional on offense. I took your information and substituted it with mine. I said the prayer a few times, too; it got in my spirit and lifted my burden. Thank you!"

"My perspective on what a wife is, is forever changed. Many won't ever get married out of fear that infidelity will happen; and many who are married, including me, live in fear that infidelity will occur in their marriage at some point. You took the very fear that the devil places in us and crushed it with the language of love (God) and redemption (the cross). Thank you!"

"Although I have not experienced infidelity in my marriage, my role as a wife was redefined. This book came just in time! Back to my [prayer] post I go."

"I'm rereading this book. It makes me laugh, cry and rejoice!"

"I'm so happy to hear that [Shanka] advocates for counseling. I have a Master's degree in Counseling; and my license is to practice nationally. I've counseled hundreds of people, including couples, on various levels of wellness; and I absolutely agree about the value of it. There's so much that goes unsaid in this society due to fear of being stigmatized."

"[Shanka's] journey has inspired me to never think the impossible when it comes to marriage."

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